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Exercise & Fitness Programs

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The Recreation Department offers multiple programs designed to promote the health and fitness of the participants. These programs include instruction and guidance provided by skilled program leaders where appropriate.


Come enjoy a fun activity and get in shape at the same time!


The Recreation Department has an extensive portfolio of programs, activities and events organized into the following categories:



Wheatland Recreation publishes a quarterly brochure that describes the current recreation offerings. See Recreation Department FAQs for answers to common inquiries, for all other questions contact the Recreation Coordinator.


Gentle Yoga


This program provides a style of yoga that is far less strenuous than other forms of yoga. It is less intense, so it can be very useful for people such as seniors, women who are pregnant, practitioners who are recovering from injury or those who are looking for a more relaxed workout. This practice can also be beneficial to those who already are quite fit but who lack the overall flexibility to be able to do some of the more intense yoga poses.


Program Location

Senior Center at the Wheatland Municipal Building

Recreation Programs Gentle Yoga

Power Vinyasa Yoga


This program is for beginning or returning students.  Students will learn the fundamentals of Power Vinyasa Yoga.  This energetic approach to yoga cultivates presence by linking movement with breath.  Creative posture sequences help release tension while increasing flexibility ,balance, and strength.  Essential modifications included.  Open to all levels.


Program Location

Senior Center at the Wheatland Municipal Building

Recreation Programs Power Vinyasa Yoga

Total Body Conditioning


This program combines a warm-up activity with low impact aerobics for cardio and a cool down activity for strength and flexibility.


Program Location

Library at the Wheatland-Chili High School

Recreation Programs Total Body Conditioning

Water Walking


This program involves one of the easiest and most effective water exercises.  Walking in water is similar to walking on land, participants make similar hand and leg movements that you would do to walk on land.  Water walking not only helps to relieve stress but also improves body posture and balance, increases muscle strength, reduces stress on joints and burns more calories than walking on land.


Get wet and fit at the same time!


Program Location

Swimming Pool at the Wheatland-Chili High School

Recreation Programs Water Walking

Indoor Walking


This program provides a safe, all-weather indoor walking course within the Wheatland-Chili Middle and High School facility for those interested in a low impact fitness activity. Youth walkers younger than 12 years of age need to be accompanied by an adult.


Program Location

Hallways at the Wheatland-Chili High School

Recreation Programs Indoor Walking
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