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  • Town Supervisor

New Ambulance Service

After approximately four years of discussion about community emergency services, the Town of Wheatland has finalized a contract with Henrietta Ambulance to provide Basic Life Support (BLS) and Advanced Life Support (ALS) to the Wheatland Fire Protection District. This newly adopted approach is intended to help ensure that people in this district continue to receive responsive ambulance services when the need arises.

The topic of changing ambulance services was first introduced by the Scottsville Village Board after awareness that it was becoming more and more difficult to staff and meet mandated requirements for ambulance service in our community. The Town of Wheatland and Village of Scottsville Governments, consistent with other governments across the Country, have experienced increasing more challenges locating residents with sufficient time and interest to serve in volunteer capacities. For ambulance services, there are required regulations pertaining to hours of training and performance standards that must be met to qualify to serve as part of an ambulance crew.

The Democrat & Chronicle has published articles about the much anticipated merger in emergency services for the southwest corner of Monroe County. This portion of the Town of Wheatland now joins Henrietta and Chili as partners in this innovative design to ensure continued ability to provide emergency services. The 2017 contract (an annual contract) provides for a reduced cost with the addition of ALS when needed. The appropriate level of ambulance will be dispatched based on the issue described in the 911 call. The Town of Wheatland will receive quarterly cost and call reports in order to provide a continued evaluation of performance and cost regarding the use of these services. When all the contracts are completed, Henrietta Ambulance will change its name to CHS Mobile Integrated Health Care to reflect the new partnership.

"Many thanks to Matt Jarrett, Reg Allen, John Glavin, Esq and Raymond DiRaddo,Esq for the hours spent to collect data, utilize standards, and create a contract and partnership that may well serve as a template for other stressed ambulance services trying to provide responsiveness in non-city settings."

~ Linda Dobson, Town Supervisor

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