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  • Town Supervisor

The Town of Wheatland is at Your Service!

By Linda Dobson, Wheatland Town Supervisor

As the Supervisor for the Town of Wheatland, I am pleased to share perspectives of the Town Government’s mission in support of Town residents and businesses. The Town Government strives to consistently provide the highest quality services while actively engaging, encouraging and respecting public participation. This starts with listening to the concerns and needs of the public and where appropriate, turning that input into actions. Many times this includes working collaboratively with other Governmental entities such as the New York State Department of Transportation (NYS DOT) in order to facilitate change.

The recently published traffic pattern change coming to the Quaker Road and River Road intersection is a great example of this process. I was prompted to request a study regarding this intersection due to an increase in accidents and public concern about the danger of traveling through this area of the Town. Note that a municipality is able to request the NYS DOT to study traffic situations within their communities, but local Governments ultimately do not have the authority to advise or recommend desired solutions to the NYS DOT regarding state roads (i.e., “tell them how we want it done”). The NYS DOT has the trained staff, tools, the jurisdiction and legal responsibility to address the situation appropriately. In this example, upon completion of the study, the NYS DOT determined a traffic pattern change was warranted to improve the safety of the Quaker Road and River Road intersection which will result in the implementation of an all way stop. If this particular solution does not demonstrate improvement in the safety situation regarding this intersection over a reasonable length of time, rest assured that I will not hesitate to pursue a request for additional review and potential further change.

If you have a concern with a County or State intersection or road in our community, the Town of Wheatland Highway Superintendent, Chuck Hazelton, and I are more than willing and experienced in seeking a solution with the appropriate authorities. While the Town of Wheatland does not have jurisdiction over roads or intersections within the Village of Scottsville or in other adjoining municipalities, like the Town of Chili or the Town of Riga, we will be glad to help direct your concerns to the appropriate governing body for consideration.

Please feel free to communicate directly with the Wheatland Town Government if you have any safety or health concern regarding our community, you can

  • send a letter describing your concern through the mail, the Town of Wheatland, P.O. Box 15, Scottsville NY 14546

  • send an email describing your concern via the Town Government’s website,

  • send a message through the Town Government’s new Facebook Page,

  • schedule an appointment to discuss your concern by calling (585) 889-1553.

Those of us working for the Town of Wheatland look forward to hearing from you regarding any concerns, provided services, or program the Town offers. If you are unsure which municipality is responsible for a particular service or program, feel free to explore other Town of Wheatland website which lists the services and programs that are provided by the Town Government.

The Town of Wheatland is at your service!

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