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Ambulance Service Update

Starting in late December, ambulance service to the Wheatland Fire Protection District has been provided by CHS Mobile Integrated Health Care (CHS MIHC), a local agency formed by the merger of the Scottsville Rescue Squad, Henrietta Ambulance and Chili Ambulance. We are proud to say that things have been going very smoothly since the transition.

If you’ll recall, the idea of changing the ambulance service approach was first introduced by the Scottsville Village Board after realizing it was becoming more difficult to staff and meet mandated requirements for ambulance service in our community. The newly adopted approach is intended to help ensure that people in this district continue to receive responsive and local ambulance services when the need arises.

From January through June, there were 56 requests for EMS within the Wheatland Fire Protection District. 100% of those were responded to by CHS MIHC. Response times for ambulance service are regulated by the Town agreement with CHS MIHC as well as the Monroe-Livingston EMS System performance expectations. Below is a chart of current response times, expected response times and historical (prior to the merger) response times. All times are measured in 90th percentile.

Response Current Previous Regional

Priority Response Times Response Times Expectations

Priority 1 13 min 18 sec 17 min 0 sec ≤ 17 min 0 sec

Priority 2 14 min 42 sec 15 min 0 sec ≤ 17 min 0 sec

Priority 3 11 min 0 sec 21 min 0 sec ≤ 22 min 0 sec

Priority 4 16 min 27 sec 25 min 0 sec ≤ 32 min 0 sec

In addition to improved response, we are lucky to have caregivers on site at the Senior Center doing monthly blood pressure checks. Additionally, residents living in the Wheatland Fire Protection District will not receive a bill for co-payment or co-insurance after insurance is billed. Lastly, residents can benefit by taking a CPR/AED class through CHS MIHC at no charge.

CHS MIHC also offers a full loan closet (at no cost!) including wheelchairs, crutches, canes and walkers.

We look forward to continuing the partnership with CHS MIHC.

If you have questions, our contact at CHS MIHC is Chief Reg Allen — send an email to or call (585) 334-4190. See the CHS MIHC website for more information.

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