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  • Town Clerk

George Banks Day, February 10, 2018


WHEREAS, Mr. George Banks, Mumford, New York, had grown up and resided in Wheatland; and

WHEREAS, Mr. Banks was recognized for his musical accomplishments locally in Mumford and the Greater Rochester area as well as Nationally; and

WHEREAS, Mr. Banks also served as Minister of Music and Director of the Men’s choir at the Second Baptist Church of Mumford; and

WHEREAS, Mr. Banks had given many hours of his time to the Second Baptist Church of Mumford; and

WHEREAS, Mr. Banks faithfulness and dedication have been outstanding contributions to the Town of Wheatland;

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Town Board of the Town of Wheatland, proclaim February 10, 2018 as “George Banks Day”.

* * * * * *

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