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Ambulance Service Feedback

The following is an email providing thanks to the Town of Wheatland's contract ambulance service CHS Healthcare. Note that specific names and addresses were removed from this email due to HIPPA restrictions. Thanks to CHS Healthcare for their dedication and quality of service provided to our community.

TO: CHS Healthcare

FROM: Patient's Son

RE: Ambulance's Service in Helping my Mom

To whom it may concern:

I would like to give some feedback on the performance of Jesse M. and Kelci M. in caring for my mom, in the of The Town of Wheatland, Village of Scottsville, the evening of February 9 when my mom broke her hip.

First, Jesse and Kelci somehow were able to respond to the call very quickly despite the heavy snow coming down. I'm very thankful to them for this because my mother was in a great deal of pain.

Jesse and Kelci were both polite, professional, considerate and caring as they carried out their duties. preparing my mom for transport.

What impressed me most of all is how they were somehow able to get an IV into my mom in an ambulance in cold, snowy weather when often many nurses in warm, quiet hospitals have problems doing this (my mom's veins are hard to find). Because they were able to do this and administer pain reliever, this made the wait in the emergency room more bearable for my mom. Thank Goodness they were able to do this because it took the emergency staff a long time to finally respond to my mom's pain. If she hadn't have received the pain killer from Jesse and Kelci, this wait would have been quite terrible for her.

After a successful hip operation, she's now resting at the rehab home. If the staff there cares for her half as well as Jesse and Kelci did, she'll be all right in no time at all.

Thank you, Jesse and Kelci!

Gratefully yours,

Patient's Son

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