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Quote from Marcy McCall

My name is Marcy McCall and, among other things, I’ve been the manager of the Scottsville Midweek Farmers’ Market since it began 9 years ago. I’ve lived on South Road with my husband and daughter for 21 years.

"We like the Town of Wheatland for its small-town feel, friendliness and proximity to the Rochester area. I started the market the year my daughter graduated from Wheatland-Chili. With one child and living outside the Village, I worried that we would be isolated from most of the people in the area once she finished school. The market has kept us connected to the people both in the Village and in the Town and has become one of my favorite social events of the summer. I have met so many new people through the market – people I would never have met otherwise. Come meet some of your neighbors and see what I mean!."

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