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  • Highway Superintendent, Town Supervisor

Highway Department Winter Message

Please help the Town of Wheatland Highway Department keep your highways clear in a safe and efficient manner during the this year's winter season. When you see a plow truck, slow down and give the truck sufficient room to clear the road surface. When following behind a plow truck, please stay at a reasonable distance to ensure you could stop safely. Note that when a plow truck stops at an intersection we will generally back up to complete cleaning of the intersection.

Help us by being both attentive and cautious, remember that plow truck drivers have a limited field of vision. It can be hard for truck plow drivers to see where you might be, whether you are in your car or shoveling your driveway. At night it can be especially difficult to see people cleaning the end of their driveways. Please take note of the plow truck when it comes by your driveway and stay back away from the road, as the snow coming off the plow could even knock you over. Also for those clearing driveways, please be sure to not to leave snow in the roadway or shovel into the road. This can leave a real danger for others, including for both drivers and pedestrians, in particular in areas of the road where there are no sidewalks. Thanks in advance for your cooperation.

If your mailbox is damaged by us we will repair it after the snow event. If it needs to be replaced, we will replace it with a standard wood post and metal mail box. Note that plastic mailboxes do not stand up well to wet heavy snow and in particular when hit by ice coming off the plow at 20+ MPH in freezing temperatures. With your help we will do our best this winter to clear the roads safely and efficiently for everyone. Check out the NYS Thruway Authority and the AAA Exchange for some additional safe winter driving tips.

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