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2019 Community Hall of Fame Nominations

The Town of Wheatland Community Hall of Fame was established in 2018 by the Wheatland local Town Government, for the purpose of facilitating a community-wide tradition of identifying, recognizing and honoring Wheatland’s most outstanding citizens who have made significant, positive, notable and/or lifetime contributions to the Town of Wheatland in the areas of community, education, recreation, civil and social services. Read more about the 2018 Community Hall of Fame inductees.

This year an additional type of recognition has been incorporated into the Community Hall of Fame associated with volunteerism in the community, referred to as "Volunteers of Distinction". A volunteer is defined as someone who freely gives time, effort and talent to a community need, cause or organization without compensation (i.e., getting paid). A “Volunteer of Distinction” is defined as a citizen who has made positive contributions through demonstrated excellence as a volunteer in support of the Town of Wheatland community. Considerations of excellence include: impact of actions, dedication, scope of effort, longevity of volunteering, innovation, collaboration and breadth of actions (i.e., multiple overlapping actions).

2019 nominations are now open for candidates to be considered for induction as members of the Community Hall of Fame and separately for candidates to be considered as "Volunteers of Distinction". If you know someone deserving of recognition as either a candidate for induction into the Community Hall of Fame or as a "Volunteer of Distinction", simply fill out a nomination form and drop off at the Wheatland Town Office before the nomination period closes in September.

The Hall of Fame is governed by the Town of Wheatland local Government, supported by a volunteer Committee and funded by a combination of donations and sponsorships. The Town of Wheatland Community Hall of Fame has been made possible through the effort and diligence of the Wheatland Recreation Commission, serving as the “Salute to Excellence Committee” for collecting, evaluating and recommending selections for the Community Hall of Fame, including "Volunteers of Distinction".

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