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  • Town Supervisor

Clearview Farms Development

Clearview Farms was initially built in Wheatland in the 1970’s and has subsequently enjoyed residential success for over 40 years. Occupancy of the original 130 units has been steady thus affording opportunities for people to live and enjoy our Town’s picturesque natural beauty and various local amenities. Mark IV Enterprises (Clearview Farm owners and owners of the neighboring open space) is now planning to embark on the next phase of development for the Farms. This phased construction will provide for updated versions of residential apartment and townhome living. All Townhouse style units will not have steps and will therefore be easily accessible by seniors and those with ambulatory challenges. Bathrooms will have also be designed with wide doors and step in baths and showers to enhance accessibility for all. At this point the plan is for the apartments and townhouses to be available for rent with the potential for the townhouse sections to convert to a “Homeowners Association” if there is a demand in the future for this type of home ownership.

The new apartment and townhome facilities compare nicely to another successful Mark IV Enterprises community in Henrietta known as Lehigh Park Luxury Rental Residences. This development can be seen along Lehigh Station Road or viewed in the pictures below. Part of the project design as requested by Town officials is the enhancement of the community with the completion of sidewalks along Robert Quigley Drive and along Scottsville Road up to North Road. This addition will further enhance our community as a “walking friendly” community and add to connecting the development in the Town to the Village of Scottsville.

The new development project is a "phased" that will be situated on an approximate 30 acre parcel of land that is part of the existing Clearview Farms property located along Browns Road. The new development project is planned to include the following:

  • 18 two story apartment buildings, each containing eight apartment units providing a total of 144 new apartment units.

  • 80 Townhome units incorporated into 22 buildings, each with its own driveway and garage space for parking and separate utility services.

  • Dedicated roadways throughout the new development area with dedicated sidewalks.

  • 72 10’ x 20’ sized self-storage units and 76 5’ x 10’ sized self-storage units both for rental to current residents of Clearview Farms and the general public.

  • Multiple storm water management areas (i.e., retention ponds)

  • Connectivity to Cedar Street in the Rolling Acres Subdivision, accessible only under emergency circumstances through the implementation of a crash gate providing additional access for emergency fire vehicles into the Rolling Acres subdivision.

The picture below is a rendering providing an overview of the planned Clearview Farms development project. The project is bounded by Brown’s Road to the West, the Rolling Acres Subdivision and existing Clearview Farms apartments to the East, Robert Quigley Drive to the South and properties along Chili Wheatland Townline Road to the North. The planned new buildings are identified with an off-white background. The initial phase of the project is highlighted in the light gray color, which includes:

  • 5 two story apartment buildings

  • Self-storage units as described above

  • Sidewalks

  • One storm water management area (i.e., retention pond)

From an economic development perspective, the addition of new residences to the Wheatland community will likely facilitate some moderate population growth within the Town, helping to reverse a trend of flat to declining population numbers over the past several years. In addition, the local municipality will experience some incremental tax base benefits, while also affording potential additional support for the sustainment of local businesses and moderate augmentation for the Wheatland Chili School System student population. A Public Hearing for this Clearview Farms project will be held in the near future, stay tuned for meeting details.


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