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  • Highway Superintendent, Town Supervisor

Town Property Usage

The Town is the owner of a parcel of land at 1421 Scottsville Mumford Road. Most residents know this as a place to drop off brush and other yard debris. However, during the last ten months, we have had various issues at that address. One such issue required us to seek assistance from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office in order to enforce the removal of an “encampment”. We have also needed to address an abundance of inappropriate ATV activity and to follow up with contractors and landscapers from other municipalities who were caught dumping their waste at our location when the work was not completed in Wheatland. The ONLY acceptable items for drop off from residents is local brush and yard debris. NOT lumber, plywood, concrete blocks, appliances, etc. nor work done by professionals in other towns. Such misuse of the site costs our taxpayers when we are required to pay disposal fees. Additionally, driving ATV’s on the land poses a liability risk to the Town and is not a permitted activity on the land. This location is considered PRIVATE PROPERTY, under the management and control of Town Government. It is property to be used by residents for permitted uses only.

These various misuses have brought the town to the decision of installing a gate across the entrance road. The gate is currently left open but will be considered for closure if the “misuse” continues. We ask that anyone who witnesses unusual activity at that location to contact the Town - either by calling Josh at 747-7644 or emailing the supervisor at License plates or identifying information with date and time provide us with the information to follow up. We hope to curtail the inappropriate use and leave the area open to our residents. If, however, we are required to reevaluate the situation, we will plan to lock the gate and offer set hours or offer drop off appointments. Hopefully, everyone’s eyes and ears will assist us to keep our current method of operation in place.

Thanks for your cooperation and help with “spreading the word”.


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