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Local Law RE: Regulation and Control of Animals

October 21, 2019

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Message from Supervisor Dobson:


As an update to the most recent public concern related to the passage of Local Law #2, a law on the regulation and control of animals, I would like to inform everyone that the Town Board did NOT pass the law at its last meeting. Review of this law has been tabled until the November 21st meeting at 5pm.


In the interim I have personally invited 5 residents to meet with Terry Rech and myself to go over the proposal one item at a time. Hopefully this will lead to a proposed revision that will not only provide the court with leverage if a resident has complaints but also protects each of the parties involved. It had become apparent about a year ago that our current law was outdated and in need of revision.


Reviewing codes and laws are part of the Town’s responsibilities on an ongoing basis as situations arise to point out their need for review. The process of a revision being presented to the Town Board for adoption is one of review, discussion, revision and adoption. I consider this current phase as healthy and part of the “discussion” phase.


If you would like to provide written feedback please email the Town Clerk at If you have specific questions about the local law please contact Terry Rech at 889-1553 x106.


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