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Internet Service Experience & Broadband Access Survey

Broadband fiber

In support of the Comprehensive Broadband Connectivity Act, enacted in May of this year, the New York State Public Service Commission is required to study the availability, reliability, and cost of high-speed internet and broadband services in New York state, and produce and publish on its website, a detailed internet access map of the state, indicating access to internet service by location.

In addition, the Act requires the Commission to submit a report of its findings and recommendations from the study to the Governor, and Senate and Assembly leaders in May 2022, and update the report annually thereafter. Opportunity to participate in online Internet service experience and broadband access survey as part of the consumer data gathering effort. Read More..... Copies of the communications flyers are provided below, simply use the QR code from your mobile device or click on the flyer image to access the New York State broadband assessment program survey website.

Internet service experience survey

Broadband Access Survey