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Checking In on Wheatland Seniors


During this time of social distancing and stay at home recommendations, I am happy to report that the Town of Wheatland Senior Center Director, Michele Adair, and her staff are continuously checking on our Center participants through weekly phone calls. These calls not only provide a means of social contact but also a means of checking on the status of those who come to our program to make friends and enjoy activities.

All of these folks have reported that they have local family members who are providing grocery shopping and help with a variety of other needs. If you know a senior resident, an older neighbor, or have an elderly family member who does not attend our Center but may need assistance during the rest of this pandemic, feel free reach out to Lifespan directly with those needs or concerns. Lifespan, founded in 1971, has provided services for Rochester area older adults and caregivers for 49 years, they are here to help any and all Monroe County senior citizens. Lifespan’s phone number is (585) 244-8400 or send an email to Lifespan.