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2021 Community Hall of Fame Nominations Open!

Community Hall of Fame

Who will be inducted into the Community Hall of Fame this year or recognized as a “Volunteer of Distinction”. It all starts with a nomination!

The Town of Wheatland Community Hall of Fame is supported by the Wheatland local Town Government, for the purpose of facilitating a community wide tradition of identifying, recognizing and celebrating citizens who contribute to the general benefit of the Wheatland community.

There are two separate levels of citizen recognition defined within the context of the Town of Wheatland Community Hall of Fame:

  1. Induction as a member of the Community Hall of Fame – For Wheatland’s most outstanding citizens who have made significant, positive, notable and/or lifetime contributions to the Town of Wheatland in the areas of community, education, recreation, civil and social services.

  2. Selection as a “Volunteer of Distinction” – For Wheatland citizens who have made positive contributions through demonstrated excellence as a volunteer in support of the Town of Wheatland community (note that a volunteer is defined as someone who freely gives time, effort and talent to a community need, cause or organization without compensation).

The Community Hall of Fame is governed by the "Salute to Excellence" Committee as a supporting Committee of the Town of Wheatland Recreation Commission. The "Salute to Excellence" Committee operates in accordance with an established Community Hall of Fame Guidebook and has the responsibility for all Community Hall of Fame activities. Induction as a member to the Town of Wheatland Community Hall of Fame or being selected as a "Volunteer of Distinction" is an honor and distinction for those selected. The Hall of Fame is supported by volunteers and funded by a combination of donations and sponsorships. See the current members of the Town of Wheatland Community Hall of Fame and Volunteers of Distinction on the Town of Wheatland Website.

Community Hall of Fame candidate nomination, evaluation, selection and induction occurs on an annual cadence, starting with a call for nominations in the late Spring, with the closing of nominations near the end of the Summer season, culminating with the induction of new Hall of Fame members and identification of Volunteers of Distinction with associated recognition occurring in the December timeframe. This year, the nomination period is open from June 10, 2021 through August 31, 2021. Nomination forms are available on the Town of Wheatland website in conjunction with a list of applicable candidate criteria for both Community Hall of Fame Membership and Volunteers of Distinction.