Volunteers of Distinction

The Town of Wheatland Community Hall of Fame has been                                                  established, is governed and supported by the Wheatland local                                                      Town Government, for the purpose of facilitating a community                                                         wide tradition of identifying, recognizing and celebrating citizens                                                             who contribute to the general benefit of the Wheatland community.                                                    There are two separate levels of citizen recognition defined                                                    within the context of the Town of Wheatland Community Hall                                                      of Fame:


  1. Induction as a member of the Hall of Fame 

  2. Selection as a “Volunteer of Distinction”


Induction as a member to the Town of  Wheatland Community Hall of Fame or being selected as a "Volunteer of Distinction" is expected to be an honor and distinction for those selected. The Hall of Fame is governed by the Town of Wheatland local Government intended to be supported by volunteers and funded by a combination of donations and sponsorships.


The Town of Wheatland Community Hall of Fame is intended to satisfy several prominent objectives, including the following:


  • Facilitating public engagement while promoting a positive community spirit.

  • Recognition and celebration of citizens in the community.

  • Alignment with local Town Government strategic plans and expressed desires of the Town of Wheatland Community.

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"One Person can make a difference, and everyone should try."


John F. Kennedy


Volunteers of Distinction Charter and Governance


“The Town of Wheatland Community Hall of Fame supports citizen recognition associated with community volunteerism, referred to as Volunteers of Distinction. A volunteer is defined as someone who freely gives time, effort and talent to a community need, cause or organization without compensation (i.e., getting paid). A Volunteer of Distinction is defined as a citizen who has made positive contributions through demonstrated excellence as a volunteer in support of the Town of Wheatland community.”


The Community Hall of Fame is governed by the "Salute to Excellence" Committee as a supporting Committee of the Town of Wheatland Recreation Commission. The "Salute to Excellence" Committee operates in accordance with an established Community Hall of Fame Guidebook and has the responsibility for all Community Hall of Fame activities.

Community Hall of Fame candidate nomination, evaluation, selection and induction occurs on an annual cadence, starting with a call for nominations in the Spring, with the closing of nominations near the end of the Summer season, culminating with the induction of new Hall of Fame members and Volunteers of Distinction with associated recognition in the December timeframe. General guidance is for the "Salute to Excellence" Committee to select the no more than five candidates as Volunteers of Distinction during any given year.

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Volunteers of Distinction Honor Roll


Each selected Volunteer of Distinction is recognized with their name listed on the Volunteers of Distinction Honor Roll presented in the Town of Wheatland Municipal Building, in the Community Hall of Fame display. 

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2019 Honorees

Jeff Adair

Edie Arlauckas

Roger Estes

Edd Kuhn

Stan Latko

Roland Lee

Cheryl Marginean

Bernie Perry

Bart Power

David Sheffield

Glenn Sickles

Mark Turner

Karen Wilson

2021 Honorees

Jeanne Baden

Silvia Benso

Greg Berl

Charles Conrad

Deanie Estes

Catherine Gilbert

Tommy Kakarantzas

Elizabeth Murray

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Nominations for Volunteers of Distinction

Nominations of candidates for consideration as Volunteers of Distinction in the Town of Wheatland Community Hall of Fame may only be accomplished by completion of a specific nomination form, duly submitted to the Town of Wheatland by the published call for nominations deadline. Forms should be filled out in their entirety to ensure the "Salute to Excellence" Committee has the opportunity to fully evaluate the candidate.


  • Volunteers of Distinction candidates may be nominated by the general public, organizations, Town of Wheatland employees or "Salute to Excellence" Committee members using established forms.


  • Nominations must be submitted to the Committee within the time specified in any notice requesting a call for nominations.


  • A Volunteer of Distinction candidate may not be nominated posthumously (candidates must be living to be nominated).


  • Multiple nominations may be accepted for a single “Volunteers of Distinction” candidate, however only one nomination and nominator is required.


  • A nominated candidate shall not have received any form of compensation for volunteer actions associated with this nomination (i.e., stipends are not considered compensation).


  • The volunteer actions of a nominated candidate shall have clearly made a positive impact within the community and been performed with demonstrated excellence. Considerations of excellence include:

    • Impact of actions,

    • dedication,

    • scope of effort,

    • longevity,

    • innovation,

    • collaboration,

    • breadth of actions (i.e., multiple overlapping actions).


  • A nominated candidate shall have been a resident of the Town of Wheatland when the described volunteer actions were performed.


  • A nominated candidate must be but must be living at the time of the nomination to be considered.


  • Candidate nominations for existing “Volunteers of Distinction” will NOT be considered (an individual can only be recognized once as a “Volunteer of Distinction”).


  • Active Salute to Excellence Committee members are eligible for consideration as a “Volunteer of Distinction”, but shall not participate in their candidacy evaluation process.


  • Recognition as a volunteer by another community, school, industry or other recognition organization shall not be used as consideration for candidate evaluation.