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The Town of Wheatland is a small and vibrant community with a

distinctive blend of historic character and modern day life, making

it a great place to live, work, and play. Wheatland is a combination

of rural and village life, supporting a harmonious mix of residential,

business and farming communities. The Town of Wheatland is also becoming a budding tourist destination for visitors to the area, featuring many wonderful amenities such as fly fishing, antique shops, county parks, hiking and biking trails, golfing, camping, bed and breakfasts and several restaurants. The Genesee Country Village and Museum is the third largest historical living museum in the United States, making it a featured tourist attraction in Wheatland. The Town continues to grow and develop while carefully preserving its strong farming community foundation. The Town of Wheatland provides residents with an outstanding place to raise a family or build a business.


The Town of Wheatland is conveniently located just 10 miles south of the City of Rochester where

residents can enjoy the culture and the services of a metropolitan area, and yet are still able to live in a rural and small town setting. The Town of Wheatland is also located at the gateway of the renowned Finger Lakes Region of New York State and is a great place to spend some time when travelling to or from that region.


Population Demographics

The following information about the Town of Wheatland is provided from the 2010 U.S. census.

  • Population of 4,775

  • Median age is 44.0 years

  • 93.6% high school graduates or higher

  • 2,112 housing units

  • Median household income of $ 55,063

Town of Wheatland New York community and economic development
Town of Wheatland New York community and economic development
Residential Community

Residential Community


The Town of Wheatland is made up of several smaller communities including the Village of Scottsville, and the Hamlets of Mumford, Garbutt, Belcoda, Beulah and Wheatland Center. The Town's Residential community consists of a diverse set of living opportunities including: village environments, suburban environments and rural environments. There are numerous older historic homes located in the Town of Wheatland, in addition to contemporary dwellings and senior living facilities. In addition to single family homes, there are a variety of rental options, from apartments to Town Houses.   Town of Wheatland residents are served by two school districts, the Wheatland-Chili Central School District and the Caledonia Mumford Central School District.

Residential Community in Wheatland

Business Community


The Town of Wheatland is home to companies and organizations of various sizes. We have a strong community of small businesses and play host to larger companies like CooperVision and Sabin Metal Corporation. Our Town has several regional resources that can impact efficient business metrics such as:


  • Easy access to transportation and distribution networks,

  • Land available to accommodate efficient expansion,

  • Proximity to a highly skilled workforce with strong work values and ethics.


Several organizations already have found a desirable environment to conduct their operations and achieve their business objectives here in the Town of Wheatland.  We also invite you to learn more about “START-UP NY”, a progressive business initiative developed by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo to make New York State a competitive business environment once again. Whether your company is looking to re-locate or expand operations, we encourage you to explore the possibilities with this unique program. For more information about starting or moving your organization to Wheatland, please contact the GWA Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber of Commerce promotes common economic interests and development in the Wheatland community and beyond. The GWA Chamber of Commerce sponsors quality programs, events and activities that are intended to promote and stimulate local business and economic development, civic participation, member advocacy and education.

Business Community in Wheatland
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Farming Community


Agriculture is important to New York State’s economy, and takes place in almost every region of the State, including the Town of Wheatland. Nearly one-quarter of New York’s total land area is utilized as farmland.  Farming in New York is primarily done by small, family businesses where the average farm is smaller than 200 acres.


The Town of Wheatland's geographical terrain is highly conducive for agricultural endeavors, with low rolling hills and broad flats along the Genesee River facilitating fertile and productive lands. Local farms use these lands to produce fields of wheat, oats, soy beans, and corn among other saleable crops.  Farming and related businesses are essential components of the Town of Wheatland economy. Correspondingly there is a strong focus on the preservation and effective management of land and other natural resources that support the Town's farming community.


In addition to operating as a working farm in the Town of Wheatland, Stokoe Farms offers several activities and events for the public related to farming and agriculture.

Farming Community in Wheatland
Business Community
Farming Community
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