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Services & Information Index


This page provides an alphabetically arranged topic index of services provided by the Town of Wheatland and other information.

Topics A - D


Assessor's Office

Assessment Review Board

Assessment Reviews

Assessment Roll

Boards & Commissions

Brush Pickup Service

Building Department

Building Permit Requirements

Business Community

Christmas Tree Pickup Service

Code Enforcement

Court Clerk

Court Records

Directions to Wheatland

Dog Control Office

Dog Leash Law

Dog Licenses


Topics E - N

Elected Officials

Employment Applications

Farmer's Market

Farming Community

Fire Mashal

Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) Requests

Hamlet of Mumford History

Handicap Parking Permits

Highway & Parks Department

Hunting and Fishing Licenses

Job Applications

Legal Notices

Local Business Services

Marriage Licenses

Meeting Minutes

News Items

New York State Licenses

New York State Real Property Assessment

Notification Service


Topics O - S

Peddler's Permit

Places to See In Wheatland

Planning Board

Property Tax Exemption Information

Public Notices

Public Parks

Recreation Commission

Recreation Department

Recreation Program Schedule

Refuse Collection and Recycling Services

Residential Community

Seniors Activities and Services

Senior Center

Senior Center Activity Schedule

Senior Center Transportation

Senior Citizen Property Tax Exemption

Seniors Health Education and Counseling

Seniors Hot Meals Program

Seniors Nutrition Counseling

Skills Development Programs

STAR Exemption Information


Topics T - Z

Tax Bill Information

Tax Collection

Things to Do in Wheatland

Town Board

Town Budget

Town Cleanup Services

Town Clerk

Town Clerk & Tax Collection Office

Town Code

Town Court

Town Government Mission

Town History

Town Justices

Town Operational Categories

Town Services by Operational Category

Town Supervisor

Trash Drop-off Service

Village of Scottsville History


Voter Information

Welcome Video

Wheatland 2030

Zoning Board

A - D Services Topics
E - N Services Topics
O - S Services Topics
T - Z Services Topics
Services & Information Index
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