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Highway Department

The Town Highway Department has a dedicated facility located at 1822 Scottsville-Mumford Road in Wheatland.


What is the Department's mission?

The mission of the Town of Wheatland Highway Department is to efficiently and effectively manage the care and maintenance of the Town's road infrastructure, parks and properties providing for safe and convenient usage by residents and all others. In order to accomplish this mission, the department operates and maintains a fleet of vehicles, including trucks and a variety of heavy construction equipment.


What services are provided?

The Highway Department  provides four types of major services for the community:


See Highway & Parks Department FAQs for answers to common inquiries or contact the Highway Department with other questions.

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Town of Wheatland

Highway Superintendent

Brian Turner
Brian Turner


Town of Wheatland

P.O. Box 15

22 Main Street

Scottsville, New York




(585) 889-1553 Option 5



Highway Department


Office Hours

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Wheatland Highway Department
Maintenance and Improvement

Highway Maintenance and Improvement


It is the objective of the Town of Wheatland to maintain and improve its more than 42 lane miles of Town roads for safe, convenient, and enjoyable travel by motor vehicles as well as for recreational use by horse, bicycle, or pedestrians. The Highway Department works diligently to provide residents and all other users of Town roads with high quality, economically efficient road maintenance, and improvement. There are three major categories of highway maintenance and improvement activities for Town roads:


  • Routine Maintenance that may include processes such as patching and sealing cracks to help to maintain reliability of road surfaces before they become problems.


  • Preventative Maintenance such as surface treating provides a new wearing surface and limits infiltration of water that degrades the road’s structure.


  • Capital Improvement involves the rehabilitation of the entire road, such as recycling the road surface and/or application of new asphalt.


The town highway department also removes dead animals from town and county roads, cleans debris and silt from rear yard drainage systems, provides signage for town roads, mows road right-of-ways, and periodically sweeps the roads' surface clean.

Town Highway Equipment

Snow & Ice Control


During the winter season, Town of Wheatland plow and salt trucks provide snow and ice control for over 150 lane miles of roads within the Town limits with the goal of maintaining roads in the Town in a passable driving condition for the motoring public in a safe, cost effective manner with motorist safety, budget constraints and Highway Department employee safety in mind.


While the Town of Wheatland Highway Department works tirelessly to control snowy and icy road conditions, note that it is not the policy of the Town Highway Department to provide continually bare roads. It is also not possible to maintain a bare road surface during or immediately following a snow or ice event. Sections of roadways improved for winter travel may continue to have residual snow and ice in a compacted condition upon them until warmer temperatures or de-icing materials are applied to allow for complete melt-off after a storm. These conditions may be continuous or they may be localized in certain areas of the road depending on temperature, wind velocity, direction and other factors.


Limited or no sanding is done during periods of snowfall and during blowing and drifting conditions because falling or blowing and drifting snow covers the material and it is scraped off on subsequent plowing passes. Plowing typically ends when the storm ends and roads have been made passable for travel. Drift plowing and pushing back accumulated snow along the roadside will continue after the storm as necessary During periods of icy conditions our salt trucks carefully applies the appropriate amount of salt so as to limit the environmental exposure yet still ensure the roads are safe.

Town Cleanup Services


Throughout the year, the Town of Wheatland Highway Department provides various cleanup services for Town residents, including both drop-off and curbside collection services. See Town of Wheatland News, Notes & Articles for schedule details, use the search tag "highway".


Trash Cleanup

Each year on the last Saturday of April and the first Saturday of May, Town Residents located outside of the Village of Scottsville may bring trash to the Town Highway Building location at 1822 Scottsville-Mumford Road to dump in hoppers provided. Dumpsters will be manned for assistance. Proof of residency will be required (a New York State driver’s license is acceptable). Recycling of electronics will also be available free of charge. Note that tires, fuel oil, gasoline drums, refrigerators, freezers or paint containers will NOT be accepted.


Brush Pickup

Starting on the first Monday of May, the Town Highway Department provides a brush removal service for Town of Wheatland Residents who live outside of the Village of Scottsville. Brush is picked up by the Town curbside at each resident's home. Brush must be neatly piled with the butt ends in same direction. This service is provided for residential brush removal only. In addition, the brush pickup service does not cover fence row material, such as trees or large stumps.


Christmas Tree Recycling

During the Winter season after the holidays, Town of Wheatland and Village of Scottsville residents may recycle Christmas trees by taking them to the Town Highway Building located at 1822 Scottsville-Mumford Road (note that Village of Scottsville residents will have curbside pick-up of trees if desired, through the month of January).

Town Highway Truck

Property Care & Maintenance


The Highway Department maintains the Town's public parks space, including landscaping tree and brush trimming, mowing the grassy lawn areas, ensuring playground equipment and other facilities are safe for use. The Department also provides general services in support of other Town Government needs, such as moving furniture and equipment. Check out more detailed information about Wheatland public parks use and facilities reservations.

Town Cleanup Services
Parks Care and Maintenance
Snow & Ice Control
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