Strategic Planning Initiative


The Wheatland Town Board has undertaken a Strategic Planning Initiative referred to as “Wheatland 2030” to help our community achieve its “best possible future” through the development of a well-defined community vision and roadmap to success. As part of this initiative, the Wheatland Town Board has approved key foundational elements of a strategic plan for the Town of Wheatland. These elements include an aspirational vision of our community by the year 2030 and a set of strategic directions intended to facilitate successful realization of this vision.



This strategic planning initiative is aligned with the The “Town of Wheatland, Village of Scottsville Comprehensive Plan 2004 – 2024".  The primary function of the Comprehensive Plan is to provide “guidance in the municipal decision making process”. The Comprehensive Plan generally provides considerations and recommendations versus strategies of how these objectives can be satisfied (i.e., funding mechanisms, resource allocations, timeframes). The development of this Comprehensive Plan was a significant cooperative effort, jointly developed by residents from the Town of Wheatland and the Village of Scottsville.


The Wheatland 2030 initiative and the associated Strategic Plan augments and leverages, but does not replace the valued content of this Comprehensive Plan. The Strategic Plan defines foundational elements of the strategic planning process, such as an updated community vision (for the year 2030), an updated baseline environment assessment and Town assets inventory, a Town Government mission statement and core values which are applied within a strategic framework that supports active realization of the vision and associated objectives. This Strategic Framework includes the development of strategies for objective achievement in combination with incremental action plans that include resource identification and assignment of completion timeframes.



The Town of Wheatland is a safe, clean, friendly and prosperous community that is welcoming to visitors, with a vibrant small-town, rural atmosphere, great natural beauty and amenities that facilitate a high quality of life for residents of all ages and interests. Wheatland strives to be a model of contemporary small-town America, seamlessly touching the past through its rural and historic character,

while actively embracing a bright future.”

Strategic Directions


Four synergistic, broad statements of strategic direction have been defined as a set of high level goals intended to steer subsequent elements of the planning and executional processes, including objectives, detailed strategies and related actions.

Thanks to the many Town of Wheatland residents and other community partners who provided input and feedback that helped serve as the basis for the development of this vision and associated strategic directions. While this is a significant step on the journey towards realization of our community vision, there is clearly much more do be done and many opportunities to contribute. Wheatland 2030 is built on the principles of open government and as always, your suggestions, comments and contributions are both welcome and encouraged.


We have the opportunity to transform today’s visions into tomorrow’s realities, helping build a thriving future that is sustainable for the next generation. Standing on the foundation of those who have come before us, we can build on today’s strengths and overcome all challenges, through a combination of strategic planning, dedication and hard work, becoming the next great small town success story!

Help shape the future of our Community!


Thanks to those who have already contributed, stay tuned for updates as the "Wheatland 2030" journey moves forward.


Call (585) 889-1553 or email the Town of Wheatland with comments, questions and suggestions, all input is welcome.


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