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I have been involved in the Scottsville community for over 15 years through the Scottsville Ice Arena. Through many of our community events, I got to know the people and decided to purchase my home here and I’m so happy I did!


"I enjoy the history of this community and the Sage-Marlowe Historical Home, the events at the Smith-Warren American Legion Post such as the Steak Roast & Chicken BBQ , the many recreational activities such as the annual Parade of Lights with Santa located on Main St. A new addition to our community is Patrick Place-a comfort care home providing love and support to the terminally ill and their families. So many different ways to volunteer and get involved with your neighbors and friends, that’s the best thing about being a part of the Wheatland community".

My name is Nancy Berl and I have been a resident of Scottsville for 28 years. My husband Greg, and I raised our three daughters here and enjoy volunteering in the community.


"I feel Wheatland is a great, friendly place to raise a family! My kids always felt safe and knew if they needed something they could knock on the neighbor's door and ask for help! That's why my daughter has the coordinates of her bedroom tattooed on her foot. . . And when there is an illness or tragedy everyone shows up to help in some way. There's no place like home!"

My name is Marcy McCall and, among other things, I’ve been the manager of the Scottsville Midweek Farmers’ Market since it began 9 years ago. I’ve lived on South Road with my husband and daughter for 21 years.


"We like the Town of Wheatland for its small-town feel, friendliness and proximity to the Rochester area. I started the market the year my daughter graduated from Wheatland-Chili. With one child and living outside the Village, I worried that we would be isolated from most of the people in the area once she finished school. The market has kept us connected to the people both in the Village and in the Town and has become one of my favorite social events of the summer. I have met so many new people through the market – people I would never have met otherwise. Come meet some of your neighbors and see what I mean!."

Lisa and her husband have lived in the Village of Scottsville for approximately 13 years. She serves on the Wheatland Recreation Commission, the Beautify Scottsville Committee and the Wheatland Chili PTA.


"Wheatland is a beautiful community tucked away in a quaint, quiet location away from the hustle and bustle of the larger suburbs, yet a short 15 minute drive to the airport, major shopping and entertainment.  The streets are filled with beautiful homes rich in architectural history, many of the families go back several generations creating a warm, strong culture.  Wherever you go you are bound to bump into a familiar smiling face and exchange a simple gesture or a good laugh or two.  The WC school district is small yet offers many opportunities for students, in addition to SAA and the Wheatland Recreation Department.  There are many parks in the area, we love that we are able to enjoy the fresh country air and the relaxing sound of the Oatka Creek."...

Although Roger has been a life-long resident in the town of Caledonia, Wheatland has been is "hometown". Roger, his wife Deanie and their five sons were educated in the Wheatland-Chili School District and have been active in Wheatland Recreation programs and SAA baseball and soccer. Roger is currently serving as pastor of the First United Presbyterian Church in Mumford.


"Wheatland is a wonderful community filled with great people who care about and for each other. Wheatland offers many opportunities for young and old alike. Wheatland Rec and SAA continue to offer our young people activities that can tune their athletic skills and social skills. Many older folks love going to the Senior Center for food, games and good conversation. And let’s not forget our faith communities that offer continuous outreach through special events and dinners as well as worship services. There are many more reasons to “Like” Wheatland, it is truly a little piece of Heaven on Earth."

  • "The people are nice and supportive."

  • "Wheatland is not just where my house is, it is altogether my home. This town will forever be home, no matter where I end up in the future."

  • "Wheatland is a small, bright community."

  • "I love how close knit this community is, just going for a walk in town will include seeing at least five familiar faces."

  • "Everyone knows everyone and at a second notice is willing to help each other in time of need."

  • "I like a lot of things about Wheatland and all of them revolve around the size of the town. We grieve together, we celebrate together, making the Town of Wheatland one big extended family."

  • "You know almost everyone and see a smiling face everywhere you go."

  • "I’ve never seen a group of people so helpful and prideful in who we are and what we do."

  • "Going to community events and knowing everyone."

  • "People care about you (and there) is lots to do in town."

  • "The friends I have made."

Mark is a long time resident of the Town of Wheatland, he is currently the Chairman of the Wheatland Recreation Commission. He previously ran the Wheatland Recreation Youth Basketball program for 14 years and the SAA Soccer Program for 10 years.

"My Wife Linda and I moved to the Town of Wheatland in 1983 and raised our family of four children here. We both grew up in smaller communities and wanted our children to have a similar experience. We really like Wheatland's small town, rural and cordial atmosphere, including being able to know so many of the people who live and work in our town. Wheatland has really the best of all worlds for us, being close to the amenities of the greater Rochester area while living in a small town setting. It's a  wonderful place to have a family, get involved in the community and make a real difference".

Lisa lives in the Hamlet of Mumford, is an elected member of the Wheatland Town Board and currently serves as Deputy Town Supervisor.

“My two girls and I moved to the Town of Wheatland almost 10 years ago. What drew me to this lovely historic area is just that plus the school systems.  I wanted a Town for my family that had character, charm, history and a "Norman Rockwell" feel to it.  The schools were very important to me, I wanted my children to be apart of a system where they were not just a number.  They knew all their classmates and received the benefit and advantages of a closer teacher to student ratio.  Now that my girls are grown and in successful careers much to the part of the school systems; I now have a grandson that I love to walk around the neighborhoods with admiring the creeks, the libraries, antique stores, parks and much more.  Everyone waves and makes you feel like you are part of this community as a family and not just a tax payer."

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