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2021 Hall of Fame Inductee, Volunteers Recognized

Community Hall of Fame

The Town of Wheatland recognizes and honors members of our community who have contributed their time, energy, and talent to support our community's needs in Wheatland. They serve as examples of what can be done when you volunteer to share yourself with others. You help to BUILD A STRONG, FRIENDLY, AND SUPPORTIVE COMMUNITY. The Wheatland Community Hall of Fame was established 2018 and the Volunteers of Distinction recognition was added in 2019.

The concepts of the Wheatland Community Hall of Fame and the Volunteers of Distinction were ideas brought to the Wheatland Town Board by our Recreation Commission Chairman, Mark Turner. He developed this project through a subcommittee of the recreation commission known as the "Salute to Excellence Committee". This Committee established guidelines, requested applications for consideration, reviewed applications, and presented recommendations to the Town Board. They also sought donations for plaques to be hung in the Wheatland Municipal Building. This year's Community Hall of Fame plaque is being donated by Vanguard Website Solutions. All the plaques are hanging in the hallway between the Wheatland Senior Center and the Wheatland Historians office. The Town Supervisor and Town Board appreciate the effort of those who are recognized in this award announcement as well as those that served on the Salute to Excellence Committee. Beginning in 2022 this recognition effort will be moved to the Greater Wheatland Area Chamber of Commerce. Future plaques will continue to be installed in the Wheatland Municipal Building.

This year's inductee into the Wheatland Community Hall of Fame is Mrs. June Davis.

June Davis Hall of Fame Plaque

June Davis’ induction into the Wheatland Community Hall of Fame is in recognition for her dedicated service to the Mumford Fire Department and broader community. She is widely recognized as the “First Female Firefighter” in Monroe County. She joined the Mumford Fire Department in the 1960’s serving as the Communications Officer using a new radio system to dispatch alarms. June became an integral part of the Mumford Fire Department, known as the “voice” of the Department throughout Monroe County. June was active in keeping the community informed with her famous “Fire Belle” Report published in the weekly Caledonia Advertiser. June was also instrumental in supporting community functions through the Department, where she was responsible for station tours during Fire Prevention Week and children’s events such as the Halloween Party and Christmas with Santa. June was a loved member of the community and a legend within the Mumford Fire Department.

Volunteers of Distinction recognition for 2021 are going to the following deserving individuals:

Jeanne Baden

Silvia Benso

Greg Berl

Charles Conrad

Deanie Estes

Catherine Gilbert

Tommy Kakarantzas

Elizabeth Murray

Our congratulations to all those honored this year with a special "JOB WELL DONE"! You have personally helped to make Wheatland a Town to be proud of. What you have accomplished through your willingness to share your time with us, and your neighbors, helps to build a true community. Thank you.

Linda Dobson, Town Supervisor

Salute to Excellence Committee


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