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Continuing Temporary Exemption Suspension

Wheatland Municipal Building

Governor Andrew Cuomo on December 18, 2020 issued Executive Order 202.83 and adopted by the Town of Wheatland on December 22, 2020 allowing the assessor to grant property owners who received the Limited Income Senior Citizens’ and Persons with Disabilities’ partial property tax exemption on the

2020 assessment roll to receive the same exemptions for the 2021 assessment roll without having to file a renewal application.

The temporary suspension and modification, by Executive Order 202.83 and the Town Board resolution, of this requirement eliminates the need of the property owner to submit either in person or by mail a renewal application for the 2021 Assessment Roll. Renewal applications already received will be processed. However, any change in primary residence, transfer of property to another owner, change in ownership, change in income or death of an owner will require a new application by March 1, 2021.


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