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Tax Bill Error for Some with 2020 Ag Exemption

Wheatland Municipal Building

It has been brought to our attention by a diligent resident that there is a tax bill error for residents who reside in the FORMER WHEATLAND FIRE PROTECTION DISTRICT and received an AGRICULTURE EXEMPTION in 2020. Your 2021 tax bill does NOT show an agricultural exemption for that portion of the bill identified as the Wheatland Scottsville Joint Fire District. This reflects a computing error by the County. They are now aware of the error and will be correcting the problem.

At this point we believe they will be printing a new bill. We will learn more soon and will update you if this process is not the final procedure they decide to follow to correct the situation, Sorry for the confusion and my thanks to the resident who came to the Town with proper backup documentation and ability to discuss her concerns in order to help us correct the situation with the County.


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