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Town of Wheatland 2024 Preliminary Budget

Wheatland Municipal Building

The Town of Wheatland 2024 Preliminary Budget presented below includes a tax rate decrease of approximately 18%.

The following provides a summary of the 2024 Preliminary Town Budget, including a breakdown of the top-level funds required by New York State Financial Accounting and Reporting rules. The Town Budget describes the cost of providing services and functions for town residents and businesses, balancing the needs of the community with the costs of providing such services and functions.

As described in the Town of Wheatland Local Government mission statement, the Town of Wheatland is committed to "provide all of the Town’s citizens and businesses with the utmost quality of basic services, directed at publicly expressed community needs, at the least possible cost". The Town provides a broad set of important services and functions for residents and businesses across various categories of operations, such as: Town-Wide, Town Outside of Village and Special Districts (refer to the Town Government Services Summary for further descriptions or these categories).

Note that the below preliminary budget includes a tax rate decrease of approximately 18% for both Town-Wide and Town Outside of Village tax rates driven by a nominal increase in the overall assessed value of property in the Town.

2024 Preliminary Budget Summary

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