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Virtual 4th of July Concert with the SKYCOASTERS

American Flag

While July Fourth celebrations are largely being put on hold this year due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Monroe County Supervisors’ Association announced today a joint effort to provide some familiar Independence Day entertainment. The group has sponsored a performance by the Skycoasters, which will air on WXXI on the evening of July 4th.

The Association, which is comprised of every Town in Monroe County, banded together to sponsor and produce the performance. A mainstay at local July Fourth celebrations, and one of the region’s most well-known performing acts, the Skycoasters pre-taped a show at the former Water Street Music Hall in downtown Rochester earlier in June.

The Town of Irondequoit and Town of Penfield’s media departments joined together to film the performance, which WXXI graciously agreed to broadcast. The Town of Brighton, which traditionally hosts the band on July Fourth, helped facilitate the performance. The concert will air on Saturday, July 4th at 6pm on WXXI-TV Channel 21.3 and Cable 1276 - Rochester’s Public Broadcast Service member television stations. It will also be broadcast on the Town of Penfield’s Streaming App, as well as the Town of Irondequoit’s Facebook page. “It is with great pleasure that the MCSA presents a celebration of the 4th of July,” said Hamlin Supervisor & Association President, Eric Peters. “Music helps brings everyone together. Get up, dance, sing along, enjoy the Skycoasters and celebrate the birth of America! Enjoy the performance as we commemorate coming together as one great nation!”

“While this year’s Independence Day celebration will take on a different form, one thing that doesn’t change is the collective pride we all have of being Americans,” said Irondequoit Supervisor Dave Seeley. “I’m so happy that we’ve been able to work together to provide Monroe County residents with the familiar sounds of our local July 4th Holiday and thank all of our partners for making this possible.” “For months now, we've all been dealing with the COVID pandemic. Work, school, and everyday life has changed significantly for most everyone. Many favorite activities have been put on hold or cancelled, changing traditions and our basic expectations for summer. The cancellation of local Independence Day celebrations with their parades, music, and fireworks has been especially hard to take, leaving people searching for a new normal,” said Penfield Supervisor Tony LaFountain. “Although our individual town celebrations were cancelled for July 4th, town supervisors are united in our desire to provide an alternative to keep the holiday spirit alive. We recognize that music has the power to unite people. Joining together to bring the music of the Skycoasters to all residents in Monroe County is a wonderful way to keep our Independence Day spirit alive. Despite the challenges of coronavirus, we have much to celebrate” Brighton Supervisor William Moehle said: “The Skycoasters are a Brighton 4th of July tradition. Even though we can’t enjoy their music outdoors under the stars tonight, I am so pleased that the Supervisors’ Association has put together this special show so the entire community can enjoy their music and celebrate Independence Day this year.”

The Monroe County Supervisors’ Association is a consortium made up of the Supervisors from all 19 towns in Monroe County. The group generally meets monthly to discuss common issues, and has been communicating with one another on a frequent basis during the COVID-19, sharing information and best practices. Reserve funds from the Association were used to sponsor the concert.


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