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Wheatland Broadband Initiative Announcement

Message from Supervisor Dobson:

Broadband through fiber

In the summer of 2022 I applied for an ARPA grant for broadband internet services to help Wheatland residents without adequate internet services. For many months we have been working with County Executive Bello and Legislator Steve Brew and a few Mumford residents to bring broadband internet services to both under-served and not served Wheatland Residents. Today we are excited to announce that even our most rural residents will have access to broadband.

"As a lifetime resident of Riga and County Legislator representing our rural communities, I

know first-hand the need for expansion of high-speed broadband internet into our neighborhoods

and farmlands that currently lack this basic necessity,” said County Legislature Majority Leader

Steve Brew. “Today's announcement is truly life-changing for our residents without this access

and is the compilation of years of work from countless individuals including Wheatland Town

Supervisor Linda Dobson, fellow Legislator Jackie Smith, fellow members of the Broadband

Task Force and so many others. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for our community,

farmers, and neighbors with reliable, high- speed broadband internet - the possibilities are truly


Under County Executive Bello’s proposal, Spectrum will reach out to the hundreds of homes and

businesses that lack wire line access to internet services and then with permission from the home

or business owners, install those vital connections. Areas covered under the Spectrum plan

include Hamlin, Clarkson, Sweden, Parma, Riga, Wheatland, Ogden, Rush, Mendon, and


We would like to thank County Executive Bello and Legislator Steve Brew for their support and

understanding the needs of our residents. Working together at multiple levels of government we

are able to improve the lives of our residents with this grant funding. Read the full story


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