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Refuse Districts Update for 2021

Waste Management Truck

The Town of Wheatland currently has 3 separate refuse districts – Mumford, Rolling Acres and Fairview Road. Under Article 12, Section 190 of Town Law of the State of New York, it is stated that “Upon a petition as hereinafter provided, the town board of any town may establish or extend in said town a sewer, drainage, water, water quality treatment, park, public parking, lighting, snow removal, water supply, sidewalk, a fallout shelter district or refuse and garbage district …..”.

These three refuse districts, along with the Town’s light, water and sewer districts were established according to this law. The State has written the law in this manner so that those who will be paying for the special district costs agree to the need and terms and are not having it forced upon them by their respective government.

For the three years from 2017 thru 2020, Waste Management was the contracted refuse collector at the rate of $180 per year per household. Due to the contract expiration, the Town went out to bid again this past Fall. The Wheatland Town Board received two bids and awarded the contract to Waste Management again since they were the lowest bidder. However, due to the increased cost of refuse collection and disposal, the rates for the three districts will increase from $180/year to $ 260.82/year. This increase in rate will be reflected on the 2021 Town and County tax bill you will receive early in the new year. While we understand that this is a significant increase, Waste Management was the lowest bidder and they will continue to provide high quality service to our community.


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