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The following vision statement represents the desired future state of Town of Wheatland community by the year 2030 that will be used by the Wheatland Town Government for planning and operational purposes. The Wheatland Town Government will market and promote this vision within the Wheatland Community, the region and beyond.


“The Town of Wheatland is a safe, clean, friendly and prosperous community that is welcoming to visitors, with a vibrant small-town, rural atmosphere, great natural beauty and amenities that facilitate a high quality of life for residents of all ages and interests. Wheatland strives to be a model of contemporary small-town America, seamlessly touching the past through its rural and historic character, while actively embracing a bright future.”

Town of Wheatland New York community and economic development



A vision is a long term, enduring, aspirational view of a community, business or other type of organization. A vision should be based in reality to be meaningful, describing an outcome that is a stretch but viewed as achievable. A vision should also be believable and relevant, building a tangible image in people's minds, providing inspiration, purpose and direction. A vision is not necessarily where the community is today rather it's where the community wants to be in the future.

Golden Wheat

Mission Statement

A mission statement is used to help define the enduring purpose of an organization, providing information and standards regarding how the organization operates and how it will go about helping realize an established vision. The following statements collectively represent the mission of the Wheatland Town Government:


a.     To deliver performance EXCELLENCE across all aspects of the mission.


b.     To consistently provide the highest quality SERVICES for all citizens,

         businesses and visitors.


c.     To sustain public trust through open and responsive government, actively         encouraging ENGAGEMENT and respecting public participation.


d.     To passionately support economic PROSPERITY for the community.


e.     To facilitate PRESERVATION and promotion the Town of Wheatland’s     

        distinctive heritage and natural environment.


Core Values


Core values are defined as the fundamental beliefs of a person or organization that shape behavior and action. The Wheatland Town Board and all other sections of the Wheatland Town Government are committed to the following core values to help enable successful accomplishment of its stated mission.


1.     Outstanding Community Partner Relations

Operate with the highest integrity and ethics at all times, consistently treating all community partners fairly, with courtesy and respect. Strive for excellence.


2.     Transparency and Accountability

Openly communicate municipal information in a timely and accurate manner, measure and report results.


3.     Inclusion

Value the diverse nature of the community by actively promoting social equity (i.e., age, race, religion, interests), and fostering broad community partner engagement.


4.     Leadership

Be accountable and proactive, anticipate and respond resourcefully to challenges, stimulate and champion community collaboration.


5.      Stewardship

Careful and responsible management of town assets including: finances, physical resources, environment.

Mission Statement
Core Values
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